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This website is dedicated to me as person, if you are looking for my website development company visit the website on the button below! 

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In my journey of a career, i been gathering experience and knowledge through working with more than 15 companies and I'm always eager to work with more!

About Me

My name is Thomas Chan Lund Nielsen and i was born in Denmark in 1998. I lived in Denmark until the age of 21, where i met the love of my life, which i was so fortune to meet on a beach in beautiful Vietnam. Since then I’ve been living both in Vietnam aswell as Denmark. Do i regret anything? No, there is only one way and that is forward.

The first time i’ve got my hands in the honey was back in 2012. I always had a taste for Technology, so I’ve thought why not start out by making a website to review products within this subject. This was where theKingan was established with an childhood friend. 

Then i began to learn WordPress and mastering it until 2018, where i got my first client. But it wasn’t until 2019 the company was founded and I’ve finally started my journey. A long the way i developed relations and skills within the branches of Esport, Design, Webdevelopment and Marketing. 

My goal with the company was to create a business that actually enjoyed what we were doing and offering websites and services to the best possible prices equivalent to the qualities. 


Websites Developed




Student (Multimedia Design)

In 2018 i began on the Education Multimedia Design to develop more skills. I halted the Education in 2020, where I moved to Vietnam to take the chance with my own company.


CEO (Webdeveloper)

TCLN-Design.dk – Danish web company (2019-present)


(SoMe, Designer, Marketing)

Who Are You – Esport Organization (2018-2020)


Reviewer and Social Media Management

theKingan – Technology reviewer website (2012-2018)

My Experience

Here is listed a bit of my Experience, I’ve picked out the most relevant experiences within the fields i offer services throught today and that I believed really pushed me toward the right path.

If you wish to go in-depth with my previously experiences, on the button down below, you’ll find my Personal CV.

Feel free to take a look!

Side projects

If you are curious about other projects that i work on visit the page below where you’ll find a list of all ongoing projects. 

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questions? feel free to contact at: contact@tcln-design.com

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